A quiet day

It’s Sunday again, and tomorrow will start the period of silence in this capital land, Hanoi.

As usual, I spent the time going to my friend’s place near the university, to discuss something about the major and say goodbye before he left for his hometown. The Lunar New Year is coming so near right now, and everyone needs to gather with their true family waiting at home. At this moment of the year, the coziness of reunion is worth more than anything in the world. Wishes, presents, and handshakes, all of them, exist brilliantly for this golden time.

“I believe that tomorrow there will be so many people coming home, so you had better leave since early morning.” – I told him after the meal.

“Yeah, that’s right, I think I will have to leave since 6 a.m.” – he replied.

“That sounds fine enough.”

We were walking on the mnemonic street which I had been familiar with since high school, and now he was renting a place nearby. We had been already final-year students, so there were things important enough for me to consider coming directly to his place for discussion. Also, yeah, I am the same as him in some crucial features of characters, hence talking is comfortable between us.

“Ah, the reason why I am writing every day? Well, that is due to an incident. You can say that at the first place, my daily writing started for only one person.”

“Oh, is that so? Okay, hehe, I understand somehow.” – he smiled.

I smiled back too. Well, there was nothing much to say about today, besides the things we had discussed to work on during this New Year’s period spending at home. If there was anything significant, then it should be the fact that I was still walking with a friend who believed in me.

I thought back of the conversation we had during the dinner. He no longer questioned the meaning behind the fact that I had to travel all the long way from my home to his place every week anymore, and instead, he said something simple enough.

“I have to say that … There are things that, if you didn’t come to say it to me and instead, speaking through the phone, or texting through the chatbox, I would never come to understand, or even think about it. I mean, this is really meaningful to me.”

“… I see. I’m glad.”

Well, you could say that his words were priceless to me. I might be sometimes cavalier, or unable to share many things with people, and spent most of the time in silence and sorrow, yet a simple genuine word could help me overcome many days after. That is to say, sometimes I just need a simple acknowledgment, then that is enough. I could forget everything which brought about negativity.

“So, see you … later. Leave well tomorrow.”

I said farewell and got on the bus.

This is enough, he’ll be fine.

I slept, and the dream needn’t appear anymore.


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