Three Days of Happiness (Day 1)

It’s not about those last days of enjoying life or something like that, but here I just want to give special meanings to these last three days before the Lunar New Year comes. After that, my writing here will stop indeterminately, or at least it will not be on a daily basis anymore. So, today is the first day, shishi.

This post will not focus on some peculiar meaning about happiness either. That would be something I often prefer to do since depicting new random ideas seems to be my favorite habit, but I may not have enough time anymore. Hence I wish, at least until I come back, I will enjoy every single writing moment during these three days.

There are many things I want to write about, especially those from the past up until now being integrated into a flowing stream of stories, yet I still have much to learn if I wish to write a memoir, hehe. As a result, I will write about today as usual.

Today deserved to be called “the first day of happiness”. It was a day of “friends”. I have met three friends, one from high school, and two from secondary school. All of them are boys, and also my best friends. The one from high school, he has come back from Japan lately, and I met him this morning. Since we were already final-year students now, there were many things to chat, and we did have a good time when eating lunch and going to the movies together. Truth be told, both of us have some peculiarity which is in sync with each other, hence interesting and amusing moments are never hard to find. I kept discussing matters with him and making some funny stories alongside, meanwhile forgetting about the time until he had to go home in the late afternoon. As there was hardly any trace of concern floating on my face, I would gladly call that “cheerful happiness”.

This evening, I went out to see my two friends from secondary school for dinner at a restaurant near my house. I rarely had a chance to meet like this, so I did enjoy the meal to my heart’s content. Since the time we had known each other was longer, hence the deeper the stories we shared. Of course, those carefree moments never ceased to happen, but for what it’s worth, that meal of three people to me was surely the greatest in quality. There was some gloomy air around my face for a moment, but that only meant my being happy that I was able to maintain everything beautifully until present with them. We reminisced about those past events together and looked forward to the future while making fun at the same time. Yes, that was truly the best. There are things called “old golden times” which only appear once in a lifetime. With some kind of nostalgia mixed with pleasure, I would gladly call that “mindful happiness”.

“Three” seems to be a special number of my posts now, right? So, what is the last kind of happiness for today? Naturally, it’s something that arises from my inner self. Since yesterday, I have made up my mind about the factor that I need to sacrifice for the sake of an upcoming challenging period, so somehow I have decided on a way to harness my energy to accomplish a great deal. I may not be able to conjure a miracle transformation to become a better person, but I can face the darkness kindly now.

I would gladly call that “fateful happiness”.



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