Three Days of Happiness (Day 2)

This is the second day already, and it has been a long day again. There were no friends, but only family members around me. However, it was not a day of “family” as we may think. Strangely enough, it was a day of “books”.

In fact, I have spent most of the time in my room again, but not on the desk, or on the bed. There is a huge bookcase in my room, between the bed and the desk, so yeah, my job today was being there, face-to-face with it. Although I had begun the work quite late, most of the day was still devoted to the cleaning and rearrangement of the books.

To me, it’s a natural fact that doing this will cost much of my energy, but all of that is positive energy being born. At the first place, standing before the bookcase, I did question myself thoroughly about my intention, how I would do it, and how I would finish it. I’ve just done this kind of work since January last year, before the Lunar New Year, and that was due to the number of books surpassing the usual limit. Back then, I did not have the time to think much and just dug in all the way. However, this year, I can look at them with a better insight, and decide which needs to be done.

As expected, every one of those books means a fragment of time and dedication that I have spent all those years up till now, and all of them constitute the legacy of words which may lead me to the brightness of future. Many of them I haven’t read, yet day by day, I have continuously brought home more, and finally created a stronghold which never ceased to win my heart. Sometimes, my feelings were captured by the fortitude of books rather than every interesting lecture I had just enjoyed in class. While my major, Mathematics, brings about “forceful happiness”, these books of mine gives “appealing happiness” to my mind.

I did have quite a hard but enjoyable time to categorize all of them today, but in the most common words, you can see that they belonged to three kinds: textbooks, novels, and mangas. Truth be told, right now I don’t really know how to compare the number of each kind to each other, not to mention which has the most. All of my close friends, after coming to my room, always show me the same emotion at the beginning, since it’s not easy for them to remove the belief that I have absorbed everything into my head. Oh dear, remember, the word “everything” may kill you one day, haha.

Most of the work has been done by now, and I’m taking a rest to write this post before the day ends. And yes, “three” is my special number for the posts these days, so naturally, what is the last kind of happiness today?

I would gladly say, “lingering happiness.”


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