Three Days of Happiness (final day)

For as long as I could remember, that’s how it has started, and maybe how it ends now. At this very moment, I still believe strongly in that idea of happiness in writing.

When we write, we see things that we normally would not. Happiness is also included. If one cannot find the happiness she craves for, then through writing she might see a nice way that could solace her days by following the stream of beautiful words that are created. In the end, she would realize that she never needs to go anywhere so far to reach that happiness. Everything, yes, everything about it, lies deep within her already, and she can deduce all by herself, by her own creation of words.

Today is the final day, so I report. This job of daily writing means so much to me, that I cannot find any word to describe, or that is to say, I want to leave it to the other’s feelings. One of the best things is that I didn’t do all of this completely alone. I’ve come back to this place on a daily basis since September last year, for the only one reason that I suggested to myself, and especially, to her. For a moment, I was quite worried, but then she gladly accepted, which has made me totally happy until now. I may never thank her enough, so if there is one day that we could see each other again, I will find a suitable word to tell her. For now, I can only convey my feelings through these posts, and it would not be an exaggeration if I ever said that my greatest objective when writing daily like this is also for the sake of her reading.

I think this present also brings about an appealing coincidence. Yes, today is also Valentine’s Day. And I may easily be asked some familiar questions related to this aspect which I always try to avoid, shishi. Well, not for today, since I am currently staying home alone all the day. Anyway, it’s already clear now: Today is the day of “love”.

Let me say this for now, and maybe, let me forget that it could possibly be the last time. 

Thank you for all your time and effort. I love you, milady.

Love is something so special to the extent that it’s where any logic is twisted, and feelings cannot be defined easily. Love brings happiness, yet it’s also the reason why there is pain. Love is never bounded by time or place, and if there is an incredible miracle that could be created naturally, then it’s very likely due to the love engraved inside. This day of “love” is a precious gift of a Saint, whose existence is still genuine everywhere.

To me, love is also the bridge between life and death. A cemetery can obtain a heaven’s feel if the earth is filled with the faith in “love”. With that, even for just a moment, the existence of the underground, the heaven, and the earth, could become one together for the sake of “eternal love”.

The road to reaching one’s goal or proving one’s ideal can be accomplished a great deal if he puts his true love alongside his unwavering belief. As long as there is a way for love to support the belief, then one’s life may be fulfilled in the end. Love gives the inner power that no evil could deteriorate the strength and motivation that it conjures. If we look into life from a bright side, then what’s called “love” seems unbreakable.

However, if something is so nice, then it can be affected by even the slightest motion of a simple factor. And sadly enough, that happening seems inevitable.

It’s about being suspicious.

That’s when a conflict between thoughts and feelings occurs. To protect or to question the love inside. No matter what the choice is, darkness will find the way to penetrate itself. A nice dream becomes a nightmare if one endures the painful love for so long, without any means of sharing or healing. One mistake of letting the negativity get inside could strike a fatal blow to the heart.

I have been engaging in my life as a novice writer while trying my best to seek for the truth in every single aspect. This is only to say that, sometimes finding the truth also means getting suspicious over everything, mostly in love and faith. And truly, the word “everything” can kill you one day, I have said it myself. Yet it’s hard to learn, or maybe the creator must bear the responsibility of making mistakes for the sake of his beloved ones. Be it as it may, the determination to let you believe unconditionally in someone requires incessant efforts.

I may be not a religious person, but I would love to have faith in a supreme being. In other words, I want to confide in the supreme force of greater good whenever love is concerned. As long as people could look into the innocence of hearts and love each other, I really want to protect that. To be able to trust, to have faith willingly and keep moving forward while forgiving all the sins that matter the soul, is just so wonderful. With that, we don’t ever need to dream so far but find happiness right in our present.

Love, faith, and happiness.

These are the “three” special words that will conclude my final post today. At the beginning of this post, I have mentioned the happiness in writing. There were some days when I was suspicious of my intention in creating many roundabout words, but finally, I found solace in this warm community of WordPress bloggers. Besides her, all of you here are the ones to whom I wish to send my deep love and gratitude through every post.

From now, a new journey begins, and I hope to see you again in a not-so-distant tomorrow ^_^

Be happy!

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