Words of Success

It has been one week since my absence here. The Lunar New Year celebration is officially over, and days are back to normal from now again. Also, after those warm New Year holidays, the cold has come back for a few days in Hanoi, starting today. My thoughts are filled with a strong urge to write, yet not suddenly at all. Obviously, there is no way I would leave this place alone so easily, and be it a pure coincidence or miracle event, today is a truly special day to commemorate.

There used to be a post called Words of Failure here, as I recalled, so I have decided to call this one by an opposite name. That one was written as the last post before I came back to Daily Post on WordPress, and this one appears as the first post after I took a leave from Daily Post. Somehow, this post may be a compensation for the old one.

Whether it is failure or success, all I wish is to be acknowledged genuinely. I want the struggles to be seen, the efforts to be known, and the hopes to be engraved. I want to prove my existence deeply in every battle, no matter what the outcome might be.

I haven’t said anything about the result coming after my supposed failure mentioned in that old post last July. I did fail, but not at the thing I expected it to be; instead, I learned a worthy lesson coming at the end of August.

I could not stay here forever to regret my failure or any negative experience. There will be a day when I need to step outside the vast world out there and face many things bigger.

That natural lesson came when I met my friends at the airport to send them off, before their journey to study abroad. I know that in the end, test scores are fundamental aspects to be based on when considering any application process, however, the crucial factors do not include only those numbers. For instance, among the people whose achievements are nearly equal, which decides who goes first, and who goes after? I believe that is the ability to acknowledge oneself clearly and then act confidently at the right moment.

In other words, that person himself has to be fully present and live the days to their fullest potentials. When his belief is as clear as day, to the extent that it need not be reminded anymore, the power will be proven.

That day, my two friends departed for France, to the capital Paris. I saw them off with a proud and nostalgic smile.

Lately, I have got the official result on Monday afternoon this week, saying that I was granted a Master Scholarship in Mathematics. I saw the email at an unexpected time, with an unexpected composure.

Yes, I am going to Paris this year, too.

I have just sent the email to confirm my registration, after three days of consideration, although the grant was truly excellent that most students would immediately agree at the moment they received it. However, it’s not that I wasn’t delighted or pleasant.

I decided to wait longer, to fully see through what is the meaning of this result.

I have chosen today morning to tell my family members and special relatives this new information. Coincidentally or not, today was the day holding the meeting lunch of our Family Generation in Hanoi, and for the first time, I let those important members hear my voice announcement.

As if, the train to acknowledge genuinely myself finally arrived.

11 thoughts on “Words of Success

  1. Congratulations!!! And happy new year! I used to pretend to believe that whatever happens, happens for the best and everyone has their own time to shine. I have come to truly believe it this year after acknowledging myself and my strengths and weaknesses

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