Involuntary memory

It was beautiful to share about your childhood, thank you 🙂 Hope that I will write a decent post about mine soon ^^

It's a small world

Do you ever get that feeling of remembrance all of a sudden and you start picturing in your mind memories of old? Well, I’m surely not old at 18, but I do have memories of my childhood, and today, out of nowhere, they came back to me.

There is always something that provokes this involuntary memory: a familiar smell you thought forgotten, an object that shouldn’t be there, the chilly night weather in Spring, a simple breeze, a taste, a sound, even silence can be such a factor. That’s the moment when the environment seems to recreate the same, or at least similar conditions to moments you already lived that put your involuntary memory to work. This is basically what happened to me today.

For 6 years during my childhood I lived about 20 km away from my hometown, and life was silent there. It wasn’t exactly in the middle…

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