Peshna – the cave where the fantasy and reality collide

This is truly fantastic nature 🙂 Hope that one day I can write about a beautiful place like this too ^^


The cave Peshna has the biggest entrance in the Balkans! Located 6 km from Makedonski Brod on the regional road to Samokov it is one of the most attractive natural beauties of Macedonia.

Unfortunately, not many people know about it, even the Macedonians are still discovering it, so it is a hidden gem and an unexplored tourist destination, although it was proclaimed a natural heritage of Macedonia. It was our, me and my husband’s first visit to the cave, although it’s only 1,5 hours drive from our city. We were making plans for this visit for few months but there was always something we had to postpone. And now came the moment to see this wonder of nature.

As we were approaching by driving and we saw the huge hole in the hill we were like OH MY GOD! We knew it was big but didn’t expect to be that huge. Before we went…

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