A natural expression

It is quite often for me to be told that I need to simplify the words I've been saying. Most of the time, I believe that is due to my nature leading to the cause of it, but on a peculiar side, I know that those words could mean some intention which I try to … Continue reading A natural expression

A good man

Sitting quietly on the couch, he covered his face with both hands, showing fatigue even after finishing a proper meal; the atmosphere was just a bit too much for him to stand. "Thanks for coming in today. What do you want to talk about?" - a voice called out from the inside. "..." Here it … Continue reading A good man

In a maze

I have no idea about the gremlins which have caused the problems of not being able to access any website on my beloved table computer since yesterday night, although all the connection to Internet is available. Things will surely get much worse if this state continues in the next week, but right now I have … Continue reading In a maze