Life Motto

Today’s writing is just a friendly chat about life. Each person has her or his own journey to live on and to perceive matters. Discussing any detail here is totally irrelevant. Yet, if there is something that can be taken into consideration for all, then I’d love to talk a little bit about one beautiful thing called life motto.

So, what is your life motto?

Do you have a principal, goal, or ideal that can be expressed briefly, yet still sounds most powerful to you? This is different from “describing your life in one word” or something, but it’s the saying you always keep in your mind and your heart. You may have never written it out, but when asked, do you feel any breaking from inside out?

You can tell me, and I will make sure to listen to it. How I feel when hearing your motto depends on the way you live which is shown to me up till now. So maybe, time will be the deciding factor for a person to make his/her motto imbued with his/her own color of life.

My life motto, which has almost never been written, now appears originally here.

Whenever I make something appear, it is alive to me, and I am alive to prove it.

You know, even if what I mentioned may sound nonsense, or make no sense at the beginning, time will let you see that I can make it happen somehow. And when you realize, that also means the thing I used to say is actually alive.

Basically, that’s how I live in this society, where ideals differ so much, yet there are not many kinds of them. See me fight in my everyday life, and you will know.

Life is cruel, but what is genuine lasts forever.





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