It’s truly beautiful when reading this post of yours ^_^ Thank you for bringing about such an eternal amazement in words, yay 🙂



Shining in the shade of sun is like a grain of sand.

Flinging a paint across the oyster shells yet, a string of pearl is connecting the curious soul to mind.

Halfway to the staircase to heaven yet, the pearls of dew are shining through the emitting light coming from the sky,

And, the darkness is glowing through the eternal light that is flowing yet, the floor made up of wood and the magic wall is weaving the cave beneath the roots .

The needles and pine cones are filling the void yet, embellishing the cave crafted by sandstones.

Daylight is gripping and carving the curated walls made of dreams and desires yet, the tiny creatures are singing back at light.

 In the midst of fresh air, the lake of leaves, and the serenity feels different yet, climbing upon the tree to see the panoramic view from above.

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